D3 Publisher release on October 20, 2016 its horror Idol game the Idol Death Game TV on PlayStation Vita in Japan. The studio today released the new information package and pictures in Japan what you can see in here:

First of all a new character published from the “Team Passion” called Ren Isahaya. She is from Nagasaki Prefecture and her birthday is on September 20. She is in the graduating class in the high school and her hobby is the karaoke, singing, dancing and guess what? Karate. She has a very cool personality and you can see rarely her smile.

The game going to has a special item called “Dream Coin”. This is an indispensable item if you want to survive the next challenge. You can get these coins from the game’s shop but you can earn them also after each stages. Using the coins you can unlock the next stage and the hidden parts of the game so you have to focus on the coins so much.

But guess what, the coins are not enough. The next what you to use the Baku Royale. This is a system where you can find the weak part of the other member of the other party so you have bigger chance for the survive. You can buy it like the coins and if the enemy knows more about you well you will die. So as you can see the game going to be a mini detective like game to know the weak points of the others.

In the gallery you can find other pictures from the game and in the next update a new trailer going to be published.
If you pre-order the new Idol Death Game TV you will get a special package cover (drawn version already published). But D3 Publisher also announced the release of the Limited Edition version which will be available for 12 744 Yen (with tax). This version going to includes a special theme for the PS Vita, the original soundtrack CD with selected idols and a B2 Poster.

Visit the official website of the game also and listen the first voice samples of each characters on it! More information coming soon! Stay tuned!