Spike Chunsoft released today (April 25) in Japan the next How to Survive game on PlayStation 4 the How to Survive 2. The game is based on the previous How to Survive with new base camp and upgraded graphics and it’s available only in digital edition from the PSN. The price of the game is 2000 Yen (with tax).

It should be noted that if you have the first game (PS3 or PS4 edition, doesn’t matter) you will get 25% discount for the 2nd game until May 7, 2017. It means for you the price is 1500 Yen (with tax).

The first DLC is already on the way for the game by the way. You will be able to buy new costumes for the characters for 200 Yen (with tax) / costume package. The release date of these DLC packages will be announced later.