SEGA going to release on October 13, 2016 in Japan the first official Hatsune Miku PlayStation VR game the Hatsune Miku VR Future Live. This title will be compatible only with the PlayStation VR device (PlayStation 4) but the price of the game still unknown.

SEGA today released some pictures and information about the game which of course going to gives to you a different Miku experience.
Player can create his / her own tracklist and at the beginning of each stage you can choose your favorite song.

The biggest experience that the user can freely choose the view of the Live Miku show from different angles. You can be on the stage, you can be with the audition you can view from upper or down.
At the moment it is not clear that the game going to has the similar “floating sign” system like the previous games, SEGA going to introduce this part of the game later in this month.

From the sound part of the game, the game going to supports the 7.1 systems and it has a virtual 3D sound system what you can even set for the best music experience. Depends on your stay on the stage you will hear in different “angel” the music like in the real life!

The new Hatsune Miku VR Future Live going to release with a private show part where Miku going to singing only for the user. Next time, SEGA introduce more details about it with the Stage 2 and 3!