SEGA released today the 1st Additional Music Package for the free to play Hatsune Miku game the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone in Japan.
The package available from the Japan PSN for 1500 Yen + tax which includes four new songs:

  • アゲアゲアゲイン (Music&Lyrics by MitchieM)
  • shakeit! (Music&Lyrics by emon)
  • サンドリヨン (Music by Dios/シグナルP Lyrics by orange)
  • アドレサンス (Music by Dios/シグナルP Lyrics by orange)

With the new songs you will get the new modules from each tracks and 19 new items.
It should be noted that you can buy the Additional Music Package season pass too for 3900 Yen + tax which going to unlock all the extra music, module and item packages without any extra costs and you will get a special avatar package too!

SEGA by the way released the 1.03 update package for the game which adds the PV playlist playback and the random music setting.
The details of the update can be found in here: