Koei Tecmo Games released today the official vocal CD of the upcoming Harukanaru Toki No Naka De 3 Hana No Nagori – Tsuki Omou Uta PlayStation Vita game.
The game release only in 2017 on February 23 but from today you can listen the official vocal soundtracks if you buy the CD.

The CD costs 3000 Yen + tax and comes with 9 tracks on it. Available in all the big stores and online shops in Asia and Japan. Here is the tracklist and in the gallery you can find the cover of the album.

1. 月の導き
2. 立待月
3. 真澄鏡
4. 弓張月ノ恋
5. 小夜嵐
6. いつか消えるその日まで
7. 泡沫の漂流者となりても
8. 「見果てぬ夢」
9. 「時空の彼方へ」