Microsoft Japan and 343 Industries released today not just in North America and Europe but also in Japan the latest (and the biggest) expansion package for the Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One). The Warzone Firefight includes new map, new mode and new weapons for the latest Halo game which is totally free for the Xbox Live Gold members. You can download and play with it for free until July 5, 2016 after that you can grab it for the normal price.

The name of the DLC is the same as the new included mode the Warzone Firefight. You could test this mode (Beta version) in 2016 April in North America thanks for 343 where a new giant boss waiting for you the Grunt Goblin.

The Warzone Firefight, including new maps as we wrote, two for Warzone (Attack on Sanctum, Prospect) and one for Arena (Molten). From the equipment and weapon parts the DLC includes Cinder and Cyclops armor sets, as well as new Covenant vehicle and weapon variants. Check out above the new gameplay trailer of the game and get it now!