Special weeks long collaboration festival going to starts in the Groove Coaster 3 Link Fever arcade game in Japan. On June 22, 2016 going to starts the GUMI birth Festival which is a special collaboration campaign, celebrating the 7th anniversary of GUMI.

Until July 13, 2016 you can play with different GUMI tracks in the latest Groove Coaster game and you can unlock, special, limited GUMI in-game products like limited avatars, profile titles and if you achieve 1000BP you can get forever the セツナトリップ track from LastNote feat. GUMI! You can play with the following special tracks from selected dates:

  1. シグナルP feat. GUMI – 会いたい (June 22)
  2. LastNote feat. GUMI – セツナトリップ (June 22)
  3. 40mp feat. GUMI – シリョクケンサ (June 29)
  4. ダルビッシュP feat. GUMI – Holography (June 29)
  5. CIRCRUSH feat. GUMI – ECHO (July 6)
  6. ぺぺろんP feat. GUMI – シルバーバレット (July 13)


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