Kadokawa Games going to release in 2017 April the next TRPG game of the studio the God Wars: Toki wo Koete in all regions on PlayStation 4 and Vita.
The company today released some character and facilities information about the game with pictures.

The first new character in this pack is Iwanaga the elder sister of the hero character. She has gentle personality and from 13 years ago she lives quietly a little away from Fuji.

The next character is the store owner of the local equipment shop. In his shop you can choose the automatic equipment where the system trying to choose the best weapon to your character what you can or can’t accept. By the way the store owner always says that he doesn’t belong to any country. He is just a business man with good connections so he can sell and buy what he wants.

The 2nd facility is the Temple where you can go to pray. Depends on what you give your can increase your character’s  parameters and various benefits can be obtained.
But here you can find several requirements from various people from the town. You can try to help them to get more experience and more items.

In the gallery you can find the pictures. Stay tuned for more information and don’t forget the Version 2.0 DEMO which release on PS4 on February 9 (Japan PSN).