Kadokawa Games release tomorrow in Japan the 2nd DEMO of the GOD WARS which release in 2017 April on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in all regions.
Sadly the 2nd DEMO will be available currently only on PlayStation 4 but maybe later it will be available on Vita also. It should be noted that you can move the save data file from the DEMO to the final version and you can unlock with it rare items.

The story starts long ago. There was a beautiful country centered between three countries called Fuji, Izumo, Hinata. That country’s name is Mizuho. The people of Mizuho country were peaceful, living peacefully, honoring the ancestors and harmonious with nature, who do not like conflict.
However, when the new technology was born in Mizuho country and people began using iron civilization, they began to fight, destroyed the nature, and began to mend the ancestors. Under such circumstances, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and eruptions will start to occur in various areas of Mizuho.
In order to prevent the large eruption bringing ruin to the world, Queen Tsukuyomi of Fuji sacrificed her daughter Sakuya as a sacrifice to the crater, and further sacrificing Sakuya’s sister Kaguya to the bamboo barrier to prepare for a new crisis, Tsukuyomi after that disappeared.

The game comes with ancient Japenese style with beautiful atmosphere in the DEMO and you can clear four different stages in Fuji. The game comes with a tutorial for those who never played with TRPG before. If you are interested in the game, download the DEMO from tomorrow and try it!