Arc System Works announced the release date of the INFERNO CLIMBER PC action adventure RPG game. The new title will be available from September 8 in North America and Europe and on September 9, 2016 in Japan on the Steam only as a PC download title.

The early access version already available in all regions and Arc System Works today released the latest update of the game which includes the following changes:

  • New area added! Player could now access lava area via the Thirsty Canal.
  • Fixed bug whereby Sand Dwelling Fish could be launched high up into the air.
  • Fixed bug whereby Sand Dwelling Fish could not be targeted.
  • Fixed issue whereby player could access locked area via shortcuts.
  • Fixed typo in egg freshness representation in item book.
  • Fixed issue whereby parts of the level in Thirsty Canal is not appearing.
  • Fixed issue whereby arrow could be shot through the ceiling at times.
  • Fixed issue in ‘Seeking’ skill whereby arrow continues to moves after hitting a wall.
  • Fixed issue whereby new Lantern only refill up to 999 instead of the full capacity.
  • Fixed level terrains whereby player could access unintended areas.
  • Edited various English mistranslation.

The early access version already gives to you 40 hour of play time but the FULL version according to Arc System Works going to includes more than 50 hours play time!