Idea Factory release on February 9, 2017 the next Neptune game in Japan the Four Goddesses Online Cyber Dimension Neptune on PlayStation 4. A little bit later, in the next month on March 22, 2017 going to release the official theme song CD of the game from Fuki (Fuyuki Tenge).

The CD going to includes 4 tracks and the first production version comes with a bonus video and DLC (exactly details comes later). Idea Factory going to announce later the price of the CD but based on the previous released ones it will be about 1200 – 1800 Yen + tax.

  1. ログアウトしないで!(「四女神オンライン CYBER DIMENSION NEPTUNE」ED テーマ)
  2. 新曲
  3. 各 off vocal (Track 1-2)