Prototype announced the release date of the PS Vita version FLOWERS -Le Volume sur Automne- Visual Novel game in Japan. The game will be the official port version of the 2016 May released PC title and the game going to costs 5184 Yen (package version) and 4300 Yen (download version) with tax.

If you pre-order the package version of the game you will get a download code which unlocks an extra episode written by Ms.Shimizu Hatsumi and you will get the original Drama CD of the game too.

This work several times marked as FLOWERS 3 since the first title released in 2014 than the next one released in 2015. They are different from each other and this version is the “Autumn Season” edition. It should be noted that the new PS Vita version going to supports the touch screen operation and you can set the screen settings to be the similar as on PC like in many PS Vita Visual Novel port games. Check out the first pictures and the main visual in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.