Square Enix release on February 23, 2017 in Japan the new NieR:Automata on PlayStation 4. The company today published some new pre-order gifts what you can check in here.
If you order the package version of the game from one of the selected store you will get one of the gift BUT the first press editions comes with a special book item no matter which store do you choose.

This special “Grimoire Weiss” (White Book) book what you can use as a support item for long range attacker for example. The design will be the same as in the previous game.

If you order the game from the Square Enix e-Store you will get a robot head what you can use on the main character. You can change it any time as you wish in the setting menu of the game.

If you order the game from the following stores you will get special skins for the Pod.

  • Amazon Japan: Carton Box style skin
  • GEO: Retro Black skin
  • TSUTAYA: White Red skin
  • Lawson: Blue Stripes skin

In the gallery you can find the gift pictures. More information coming soon!