Despite that the Pokemon GO lost 12 million active users in this month there are still 30 million players all around the world. One of the biggest market place of the game of course is Japan. In the USA and Europe some accidents (sadly even fatal) already reported but the first one just happened right now in Japan.

In the Tokushima Prefecture the 39 year-old G.Keiji was driving his car while he was playing with the game. Sadly he didn’t notice the 72 year-old Yukiko Nakanishi and her part-time employee Kayoko Ikawa (60 year-old) and hit both of them with the car.

The ambulance arrived in minutes to the place of the accident but Ms.Yukiko Nakanishi died. This was the first fatal accident in Japan because of the Pokemon GO. According to the local Police officers G.Keiji admitted that we was playing wit the game while he was driving.

While the game when boots always shows a warning message where to play and where don’t play. Please never ever play on your phone while you are driving.