Nintendo released today the latest, Nintendo 3DS version Fire Emblem game in Japan the Fire Emblem: Echoes. You can buy it for 4980 Yen + tax (package and download version) and you can choose the limited edition version with additional DLCs and Soundtrack Album for 6980 Yen + tax (only in package version) with a gift Fire Emblem 0 limited card.

The new Echoes is the official remake of the Fire Emblem Gaiden with new characters (fully voiced), remastered graphics and additional story chapters what you can find in the basic 3DS game or you can get from a DLCs.

You can get even free and paid DLCs for the game and you can even buy the amiibo figures for 1200 Yen (with tax). You can also buy in Japan a limited Nintendo Prepaid card with 5000 Yen worth with the design of the game on it!