After the Early Access version, Arc System Works released today the INFERNO CLIMBER PC RPG game in the Steam today. The game costs 2980 Yen (with tax) / 27.99 EUR / 29.99 USD but on the first week you can get it with 10% OFF! If you bought the game during the Early Access version you can get the update for FREE with all the new features and skill.
If not, than you can get it a little bit more expensive but still with discount.

Forge through hell in this survival action RPG!
Defeat powerful bosses to collect all 5 Purgatory Stones in hell.
Slashing, magic casting, arrow shooting, bombs throwing, exploring, eating, cooking, blacksmithing.

Game Features:
– Survival 3D action RPG
– Hack & Slash
– Level up system
– Platforming action
– Puzzles and traps in the dangerous dungeon
– Resource management
– Over 50 hours of playtime

Other Features:
– 8 unique playable characters
– Raise your character’s strength freely
– Over 400 unique items
– More than 20 stages
– Master new skills and magic spells
– Over 90 different enemies
– Each stage is guarded by a boss character
– Stealth operations
– Reveal hidden treasures and secret paths by breaking walls with bombs