On November 10, 2016 going to release the Fate/EXTELLA which is the next Fate game in the series. This title this time release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for 7980 Yen (PS4) and 6980 Yen (Vita) without tax. The Limited Edition REGALIA BOX going to costs 9980 Yen (PS4) and 8980 Yen (Vita) which going to includes a Saber Bride 3D boobs mouse pad. There will be another limited edition the VELBER BOX which going to costs 19 980 Yen (both platforms) which going to includes all the limited edition products, with extra DLCs, special box and additional special goods. Check out the package pictures of the sets and stay tuned for more information! On the official website you can already find the official store list where you can pre-order the game!


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