On November 10, 2016 going to release in Japan the next FATE game on PlayStation 4 and Vita the Fate/EXTELLA. The studio today updated the official website of the game and published the first pictures of 3 main characters and some words of the game’s battle system. If you visit the official website you can read the introduce of Saber, Gilgamesh and Archer. If you played ever before any FATE games or watch the TV animes you know these three characters well.

The big information is the new gameplay system with the special attacks. The first one is the “High Speed Action” where you can make high damages on the area creating a special combination with your basic and special skills focusing on the weak points on the enemy. Focusing to continuous the attacks you can create a mass damage on the battlefield with only one character! Because the ground is not the only one battlefield you can attack from the air with an air dash for example.

In the new Fate/EXTELLA each stage going to has different in-stages called “sectors”. In each sector you have to face with boss enemies and you have to destroy all of them to clear the stage. The number of the enemies depends on the stage but there will be stages with more than 15 different leaders!

To help yourself in the stage battles try to focus to unlock the “Extended La maneuver”. For this you have to aim for the maximum power gauge and than you can use this maneuver where your speed will be god like and you can attack your all skills and combos in seconds and the enemy can’t avoid / dodge them because of the speed. Of course the maneuver will be available for a limited time and you need time to recharge it so pay attention when do you use it!

The new Fate/EXTELLA will be available on PlayStation 4 and Vita. Using the PlayStation Network you can share the save data between the PlayStation 4 and the Vita version of the game to countinue where you finished it. You can’t move the save data offline, you can do it only online and only with the PSN!


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