Marvelous in the Japan PSN started the limited time sale of the Fate / Extra and Fate / Extra CCC PSP games. You can buy them from April 26, 2017 today until May 24, 2017 for the following prices:

  1. Fate / Extra PSP The Best – 1560 Yen (with tax). Original price: 2365 Yen (with tax)
  2. Fate / Extra CCC PSP The Best – 1700 Yen (with tax). Original price: 2571 Yen (with tax)
  3. Fate / Extra Pack – 2800 Yen (with tax). Original price: 4936 Yen (with tax).

The Fate / Extra Pack includes both games.

It should be noted that during this limited time period you can buy DLC much cheaper for the PlayStation 4 / Vita version Fate/EXTELLA. In the sale period you can get the Extra women, male costume, Vacation set, Special set and Stay Night set.

Here is the Japan PSN link:!/ja-jp/cid=PN.CH.JP-PN.CH.MIXED.JP-CATEGORY00001071