HuneX release on March 16, 2017 in Japan the Fata morgana no Yakata – COLLECTED EDITION – on PlayStation Vita.
The company today published the new store gift illustrations with the store list. So here is the list and the sample pictures in the gallery.

  1. Animate (Short story book. Written by Hanada Keika)
  2. Animate Akiba Girls’ Station (Microfiber mini cloth with the original illustrations design)
  3. Stella Worth (Short story book. Written by Hanada Keika, A4 clear file)
  4. WonderGOO (item TBD)
  5. Amazon Japan (PS Vita wallpaper)
  6. Ami Ami (A5 mouse pad)
  7. Imagine WEB (A1 large poster)
  8. Takarajima (A4 microfiber cloth)
  9. NeoWing (Post card set)
  10. Futaba books (Bromide)