On June 23, 2016 going to release in Japan on Nintendo 3DS the next Harvest Moon game the Bokujou Monogatari Mitsu no Ri no Taisetsu na Tomodachi from Marvelous. The company today updated the official website of the game and published some pictures and introduced the new characters, the family members of the Hero character.

The father Darius who is a serius business man with a travel trading company. He is worry to much for his children and can accept hardly that his son become a rancher. His monther Marina. She is a shy but cheerful lady working so much for her family. And the hero’s little sister Linna. She is still a child and feel herself lonely if she is far away from the hero.

Marvelous also published some pictures about the develop of your future ranch. As you can see as you have more money, equipments and animals you can make a better home step by step. First you will have a little, poor home but at the end you can have a rich house!


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