As you know Microsoft put away the Fable series (with the Fable Legends) and closed Lionhead Studios. But looks like some developers from the original team don’t want let it go and they created a new studio called Flaming Fowl Studios. With the new company they announced a new Fable title called Fable Fortune a new digital, card battle game.

On the first look the game looks similar as the popular Blizzard game the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. You have your own deck and you have to defeat the enemy but in the Fable game you can see some battles between the card characters not like in the Hearthstone. In the game you will be able to choose good and evil side with 6 hero bodies. Of course you will be able to play in real time online and there will be a co-op part which is at the moment not so clear.

If you want to support the project you can help via the Kickstarter. The goal is 250 000 GBP (~360 000 USD / 40 000 000 Yen). At the moment they have 23 500 GBP and the project is on for the next 27 days. Check out the promotion video and the first pictures! Hope we can see this game in a released version!


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