D3 Publisher announced during the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan the Earth Defense Force 5 which going to release on PlayStation 4. The release date still not clear but it will be available only in 2017.

The game was playable during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 too and now here are the first pictures and the exactly details about game.
The basic story and goal is the same as in the other EDF games: defeat the giant bugs and the aliens and protect the humanity.

The story going to begins in 2022 in Japan in the Kanto area where next to a little village the EDF built a new base. Above the ground there is a large basement and storage for the army but beyond on it you can’t find nothing. Everything looks peaceful (as far as an army base can be peaceful) until a certain day.

The existence of the aliens are known all over the Earth and in here the EDF holds every month an event to accept the aliens and the space “immigrants”. But one day a giant spaceship fleet appears above the army base and they launched an attack.

Deep inside the base a horde of giant insects appears and attacks the soldiers. First you have to kill all of them and push them back. The nightmare started.

Several well known bugs and soldiers going to appears from the previous games such as the 2025 and the 4.1. The basic soldier which can moves fast has a basic rifle. The wing soldier which can attacks the flying types of the enemies and the others but they will be published later.

From the aliens side the basic aliens going to appears but in two different groups: Aggressive Alpha and Beta. Depends on their aggressiveness we separate them in these two groups.

From the aliens technical side new space ships and transfer ships going to appears to attack and offensive as fast as they can the country and the world from the space.
In the new Earth Defense Force 5 humanoid aliens also going to appears. The worst is that they can use weapons, and they can think like the humans despite that they looks like frogs. They have their own environment and they are the colonists of the aliens.

But the immigrants also going to attacks the humans on the side of the aliens so the battle will be harder than before. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.