D3 Publisher released the new pictures and information of the upcoming Earth Defense Force 5 which will be available from 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4.
In the new pictures you will see the new types of the enemies and the new weapons with the new soldiers. Lets see them closer.

The game going to starts when the aliens attacks an army base which holds an open day for the civilians. Several people going to join to the army after that situation and players have to clear some missions using civilians.

The Earth Defense Force 5 going to brings a new type of soldiers the Ranger and the Wing Divers. The Ranger will be like a normal, basic soldier with low mobility BUT perfect to collect items and spotting. The Wing Diver is a flying type soldier perfect against the land attack only enemies. The Wing Diver using short range weapons just like the Ranger

The EDF5 going to brings new units from the alien side too. As you can see from the picture you have to fight against a huge, grey alien units which can use modern weapons and equipment. They are more like colonists than typical soldiers.

The well known giant Dragon type aren’t died. You have to fight with them again and you can’t kill them with the Ranger or with just the Wing Diver. Once they appeared you have to build up a strategy in a short time since they can destory everything in seconds.

One of the best weapon against these enemies is the EMC. This is a tank like vehicle using a laser like gun make shock damages on the enemies. The EMC can shoot far but it is a low vehicle so you have to protect them against the smaller aliens.

Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!