During the E3 Press Conference, Microsoft also announced next to the Xbox One S another console project the “Project Scorpio”. The is the code name of an upcoming, high-end (upgraded) Xbox One console which will be available from 2017 Holiday Seasons first in North America and Europe. The console will be optimized to work in 4K, 6 teraflops of GPU power and will run at 60Hz. It will be of course VR compatible and the VR version Fallout 4 will runs on it without any problem.

According to Microsoft the console will be 100% compatible with the currently available Xbox One games, accessories and services and also after the release of it. But the biggest question is: Should you buy an Xbox One S now (if you don’t have an Xbox One at the moment) or wait until the, high-end Xbox One release which is minimum 1 year away.


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