Two new PlayStation VR game’s release date announced in Japan the DRIVECLUB VR and Tsumiki BLOQ VR.
Both of them will be available from November 17, 2016 for the soon release PlayStation VR device!

The DRIVECLUB VR will be the VR edition of the original DRIVECLUB racing simulator. Using the VR glass you will have more detailed and realistic car driving the view from the car.
The price will be 4900 Yen + tax (package and download version).

Tsumiki BLOQ VR is a new puzzle game where 70 strange stages waiting for you to solve them. In this game moving your head you have to control the blocks or even with the simple eye catch you can grab the falling puzzle elements but you will need the PS4 controller too! The price will be 1000 Yen + tax (download version only).