Square Enix released some new details about the upcoming Dragon Quest XI which going to release on July 29, 2017 in Japan on PS4 and 3DS.
In the new Dragon Quest XI you can enjoy several mini-games and challenges with the other players like the horse racing and the CASINO games.

The horse racing is relative easy. You will ride 2 laps against the other players and the goal what can be more than be the 1st one. On the maps you can find several support items and blocks like in the Mario Kart such as powerup, jump and more. You can upload your times to the global ranklist if you want.

The 2nd one is the CASINO. In here you can play typical casino games slot machine, texas holdem poker and the roulette. In here the rules are the same as in the real life. And you can earn extra coins in a big amount but you can also lose it.

You can earn extra coins and gifts not just in the mini-games but also in the side quests. There are many other travelers in this game with many problems and you can help them. Accept the quests, clear them and you can earn the extra gifts.

Square Enix next time going to release some details about the unique elements. Until that, stay tuned!