It is already February 9, 2017 in Japan which means the latest Dragon Quest Nintendo 3DS game the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional released today.
The new game available in package and download version for 5250 Yen + tax.

The game based on the previous game and comes with a finale of the Joker series with more than 700 different monsters includes original ones and brand new ones too!
The previous game released in 2016 March and you can port the save data file but you can even start a brand new game from the zero. (You can move maximum 10 different monsters / day to the new Professional version).

Next to the new features such as the “super-raw formulation / reform” and the “ride coalescence” (where you can create one powerful monster from two ones) you can even level up until level 120.

If you are a Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker fan you have to grab this game even if you haven’t played with the previous Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3.