Dollfie Dream made a special collaboration with Bandai Namco and going to release in 2017 in Japan a special THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls figure set with real like hair, several high quality accessories and items.

The official pre-order season starts on October 8, 2016 on the official website and you can order the Anastasia (CG), Iori Minase and the Yayoi Takatsuki figures until December 4, 2016. After that you can’t pre-order them and maybe you can’t buy it anywhere.

This set of figure not going to be cheap. One figure going to costs 60 000 Yen + tax (Iori), 62 000 Yen + tax (Yayoi) and 68 000 Yen + tax (Anastasia).
If you want you can buy them with extra, Platinum Stars and Casual Suits (Anastasia only) accessories set for extra fees! (The pre-order period is the same as for the figures)

  • Iori Platinum Stars set – 14 800 Yen + tax
  • Yayoi Platinum Stars set – 14 800 Yen + tax
  • Anastasia Casual Suits set – 9 800 Yen + tax

On the official website you can order them one by one! Shipping and orders accepted only from Japan.