Nippon Ichi in Japan started the official Disgaea Summer Sale in the Japan PSN. From July 25 until August 14, 2016 you can get selected, digital version Disgaea games cheaper from the Japan PSN. During the campaign you can get bundle sets which includes more games and avatars and you have to pay them only ones and you don’t have to buy them one by one.
Here you can find the list. These prices available only in the Japan PSN and only for the digital version!

  1. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Portable Tsuusin Taisen Hajimemasita (PSP / PS Vita): 1500 Yen (Original Price: 2263 Yen)
  2. Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable (PSP the Best) (PSP / PS Vita): 1500 Yen (Original Price: 2263 Yen)
  3. Disgaea D2 PlayStation 3 The Best (PS3): 2000 Yen (Original Price: 3086 Yen)
  4. Disgaea and Disgaea D2 Avatar Pack: 200 Yen (Original Price: 450 Yen)
  5. Disgaea 2 Avatar Pack: 200 Yen (Original Price: 450 Yen)
  6. Disgaea Portable Deals Set (includes: Disgaea and Disgaea 2 Portable) (PSP / PS Vita): 3000 Yen
  7. Disgaea Portable and Disgaea D2 Set (includes: Disgaea and Disgaea D2 PlayStation 3 The Best) (PSP / PS Vita / PS3): 3500 Yen
  8. Disgaea Portable Series + D2 Set (includes Disgaea Portable, Portable 2 and D2): 4000 Yen