Bungie finally announced the release date of the Destiny 2! The game will be available from September 8, 2017 in all regions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and this time we will get a PC version not like with the first game.

Bungie also released the official announcement trailer of the game what you can watch above! In North America you can already pre-order the game from the official website and depends on which edition do you choose you can play with the BETA version of the game also.

Bungie also planning to release two expansion packages (called: Expansion I & II – very funny Bungie) and the Limited Edition and the Collector’s Edition include the Expansion Pass. You can also get a mini-figure if you pre-order the game from the GameStop (this version available only from there). On May 18, 2017 you can watch an online, detailed introduce show from Bungie with full with gameplays from the current version of the game!

It should be noted that in Japan at the moment only the PlayStation 4 version release announced without the Limited Editions but maybe later Sony and Bungie going to announce them with the Xbox One and the Japanese PC version. Stay tuned!