Kadokawa Games going to release on September 29, 2016 the next Demon Gaze game the Demon Gaze 2 on PlayStation Vita in Japan. The new title going to be based on the first game but with new story, new character and renewed system.

Kadokawa Games today updated the official website of the game and announced the release of a FREE DLC which will be available from September 29 and October 16, 2016 for everyone who bought the game. The DLC going to includes “Revolution” item and armor set for selected characters and attention, this DLC will be available only the free delivery period after that you can’t get it not even for money.

The Special page of the website also updated with the sample tracks of the BEST SELECTION DEMON GAZE MUSIC . The CD includes remix and original tracks from the Demon Gaze and the Demon Gaze 2. You will get totally 18 tracks and now you can listen the samples. The CD release on the same day as the game (September 29).

Don’t forget that the first game available in the Japan PSN for 500 Yen (with tax)until August 31, 2016. Only in 3 days more than 10 000 gamers bought the game and you still have to join the group.