started today the official open beta test of a new browser RPG game the Demon ★ Kitchen in Japan. Everyone can try the game for free, you only need a account to play with it. You can play with the OBT version of the game until August 6, 2016 at 18:00 (local Japan time).

It should be noted that you can’t move the game data to the final version when the service starts which is scheduled to 2016 Summer but you will get gatcha tickets what you can use to roll out rare characters in the final version.

In this title you are running a demon kicthen in a mansion style restaurant in the country side. You have to prepare meal for the guest and they are usually warriors, demons and mages and if they don’t want to pay you can fire them out. Of course you have to clear several RPG style missions and you can level up your characters too.
The game is a funny and sexy title worth to try it. More information coming soon!