Capcom released today (September 20, 2016) in Japan the DEMO version of the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories Nintendo 3DS game.

The DEMO available from the Japan Nintendo eShop for everyone and with the DEMO the pre-download version of the game also available. It means that you can buy now the game and you can download the biggest part of the package (1.64 GB – 13 500 blocks) while on October 20, 2016 you only need to download the key files.

The DEMO version of the game includes 2 different game modes the Tournament and the Quest Modes. In the Quest Mode you can clear some short missions while in the Tournament mode you can fight in 1 vs 1 mode.
The DEMO version of the game by the way requires 2700 blocks (337 MB) free space on your SD card.

If you download the DEMO version and try it you will get an extra gift for the final version of the Monster Hunter Stories, a special costume for Nabiru