From Software announced the release of the long awaited DLC of the DARK SOULS III the ASHES OF ARIANDEL! The DLC release on October 25, 2016 in Japan on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The DLC going to costs 1200 Yen (+ tax).
From Software also going to starts the pre-sale of the DLC Season Pass on August 25, 2016 which going to costs 2000 Yen + tax. If you buy the Season Pass until October 24, 2016 you will get a limited PS4 Theme and this theme will be available only this way.

The new ASHES OF ARIANDEL going to adds a new stage for the game with a brand new large map and a huge boss at the end (if the current monsters and demons wouldn’t be enough). Of course with the DLC you will get new armors, weapons and NPC characters but the biggest part is the story of the DLC. Check out the pictures in the gallery and the special trailer above! More information coming soon!