New karaoke music service going to starts on November 25, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 users but only in Japan the “DAM Karaoke for PlayStation 4”.
The game will be available for 1000 Yen + tax / month for everyone in the country and for this price you can play with all the tracks in high-quality with videos from the collection of the DAM Karaoke. If you can want you can buy a 24 hours long, day ticket only for 300 Yen + tax.

It should be noted that DAM adds nearly 200 new songs every week for its own collection so there is now way you will get bored with the available tracks.
Each tracks going to has it’s own rank board with EASY, NORMAL and HARD modes what and you can upload the results to the internet! Check out the pictures in the gallery and visit the official website for more information.