In 2017 Spring / Summer going to release the next CyberStep free to play smartphone game in Japan the “Q & Q Answers”. This strange quiz RPG game comes with main hero and heroine characters and answering the questions you can defeat the others using your demons what you can summon.

It will be available only in Japan and in Japanese and the genre of the questions are unknown. CyberStep now published the basic information of the main, playable characters:

  • Rita, she is a young, newest librarian in the world library. She is still immature but has several magic in her book.
  • Sophie, she is also a young one but more cold person than Rita despite she is her childhood friend. She is a senior librarian.
  • Shara, is a leader librarian and she doesn’t mind speaking publicly about the magic policy in the librarian. She is a true trouble maker by the way.
  • Kyuta is a mascot like character in the world library. Kyuita helps for Rita to be a senior librarian.
  • Lang, he is a senior librarian just like Sophie but they are working together all the time.
  • Jens another librarian working with Sophie
  • Wizard of Oz and Nibelungen (their information will be released later).