Cyber Gadget going to release on July 13 in Japan a three new hard cases and screen protector films for the New 2DS LL consoles


On July 13, 2017 going to release in Japan some new accessories for the New Nintendo 2DS LL consoles from Cyber Gadget. You can already find them on the official website of the company but here you can find some closer details.

You can order already for the new console your new Semi Hard Case which is designed directly for the console. You can store in it the 2DS LL, an USB cable (for example for charging) and 4 Nintendo 3DS/DSi games. According to Cyber Gadget you can use for Nintendo 3DS LL and New Nintendo 3DS LL consoles.

If you want to protect the screens of the New Nintendo 2DS LL you can choose one of the screen protector film from the company. The Lquid Crystal version, the Hard Coat Type (more stronger), and the Blue Ligh High Cut Type (protects the screens of the console and your eyes from the blue lights). In the gallery you can find some pictures!


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