Idea Factory announced the release date of the next Neptune game in Japan the Cyber Dimension Neptune. The game will be available from February 9, 2017 on PlayStation 4.
The price will be 7200 Yen + tax (package version), 6400 Yen + tax (download version) and 9700 Yen + tax (Limited Edition – Royal Edition).

The Royal edition going to includes the official Soundtrack CD of the game with a Visual Book which includes unpublished visual pictures from the new game.
This title will be the latest game of the Neptune series which going to use the Unreal Engine 4 but more details will be published later in this year.

SEGA with the new promotion video also released the first pre-order gift illustrations from selected stores:

  • Sofmap: B2 Poster
  • Tkarajima / Papyrus1st / Game Arc / Yahoo! Online Store Japan: A3 Poster
  • Ebten: B3 Poster
  • eTrader: Poster (size comes later)
  • WonderGOO: Poster (size and picture comes later)
  • Imagine / ImagineWEB: Life size poster
  • Rakuten Book: Potser (size and picture comes later)