Looks like the block, box Minecraft style is still a good subject to make more and more money in the video game sphere. Arc System Works today announced the release of a new block 3DS game the Cube Creator DX which will be available from April 27, 2017 in Japan.

The game will be cheap and it will be available in package and download edition for 2800 Yen + tax and 1852 Yen + tax. According to Arc System Works the game will be based on the Cube Creator 3D which already reached just in Japan the 360 000 downloads (available in all regions on 3DS as a digital only game).

You have to create your own land, clear missions and build your own block stages and the best thing is that you can play via the internet with other (up to 4 players). Arc System Works already opened the official teaser website of the game and more information will be published later in February and March.