Bandai Namco released some battle and story mode details of the October 27, 2016 release Crows BURNING EDGE. This title going to be based on the popular Crows manga and it will be available on PlayStation 4 only.

About the normal Story Mode just a few words released by Bandai Namco. The original story of the manga ported into the game and you can play with all the main characters’ story in the Suzuran All-Boys High School.

But next to the original Story mode “another story mode” also going to be available in the game. This mode going to focus on a new, original chapter. The story created by the original author of the series Hiroshi Takahashi!

The battle system of the Crows BURNING EDGE is like the same as any other 3D fighting game. You have to hit, kick, grab and you can use special moves but no extra super powers. The different will be the fighting style of each characters. Four different types will be available in the game:

The Balanced which has good attack power and also good speed, will be perfect for the beginners. The next one is the Speed type which has fast moves but the hit power is relative low. The key with this type of character is to hit and move away fast to avoid any attacks from the enemy.

The 3rd one is the Power Type. You may already know this one has low speed but the attack power is huge. One hit makes twice as more damage as the balanced type but you have to face the attacks of the enemy, specially if the character is Speed type. The last one is the Tricky type. It is a mixed speed and tricky actions included one. Relative fast and can make little bit higher damage than normal.

Of course each type going to do the same moves and hits. You can push the other character to the wall, you can do air kick, you can parting and more.

You will find on the screen the Burning Gauge. If this gauge is full you can have extra power and speed for a limited time making the situation harder for the enemy. Use it in the right time because the recharge takes time!