Snapshot Games Inc. started the crowdfunding campaign of the Phoenix Point which is a new turn based action RPG game plays in a ruined, chaos future. If you check out the video and you say “hey it’s like X-COM” don’t be surprised. The game’s designer is Julian Gollop from the original X-COM series but in the team we can find developers from the Ubisoft Sofia, Crytek Black Sea.

Back to the game, during this time the project already reached more than 50% of the asked project money. The goal is 500 000 USD and you still have 42 days to support it.
And what is Phoenix Point? (from the page):

An unusual virus discovered in melting permafrost excites the scientific community. It has a massive genome, and only 1% of its genes match anything in existing databases.

“What the hell is going on with the other genes?” asks researcher Jean-Michel Moreau. “This opens a Pandora’s box. What kinds of discoveries are going to come from studying the contents?”

The seas transform in something totally alien. Then the mutagens began to invade the land via an airborne microbial mist.

The human population has been decimated. Survivors gather in isolated havens spread throughout the world. A few factions control most of the havens and resources, but they have radically contrasting ideologies and guard deep secrets.
The Phoenix Project is a worldwide organisation designed to be activated when the world is in peril. You control one cell of the organisation, gathering some of the world’s best scientists, engineers and soldiers. After your cell is activated, you realise that you have no contact with any other cells. You need to find out what happened to them.