Capcom on August 16, 2016 today updated its latest music arcade game the crossbeats REV.SUNRISE. The new update includes several new features and a new character campaign also started with it.

In the new version of the crossbeats REV.SUNRISE now you can choose the “Shuffle” mode for the music selection before the game starts. It means the system going to choose randomly the track from your collection.

The next feature is the score registration. Now you can check your (and the other’s) high scores not just from the arcade machine but also from the website of the players data at the MYDATA page!

The 3rd new feature is that the Partner File is appeared. Now you can see support character details but at the moment not all the character details available. Capcom going to upload them day by day.

And it is not like a real feature update, but Capcom added “UNLIMITED” condition which is a relaxing mode for 32 musics so if you don’t want to play with fast tracks you can choose from this version.

To celebrate the release of the new update, Capcom started a new Summer campaign where you can unlock new avatar and a special partner character going to appears the Midsummer Goddess, Akatsukitsuki. The campaign going to be held until August 31, 2016 and if you clear all the missions you can keep her as partner character!