Capcom to celebrate the release of the crossbeats REV. SUNRISE soundtrack album in Japan, started the official release event in the game. The event will be held until March 26, 2017 with the following conditions and gifts:

1: visit the official website and enter the serial code of the CD on the special page and unlock the following tracks:

  • Awake,Speedy/DJ MURASAME
  • XXX-revolt/void feat. KOTOKO
  • Reseed (Another Edit)/quick master

2: Play the recorded song and get REVCHIPs (REVCHIP is the ingame currency what you can exchange for extra songs)

3: New songs in the shop every week:

  • Hi/Go-qualia
  • The Epic/Cranky
  • Anomie/D-Fener

4: Get 12 extra titles during the campaign period!

The new crossbeats REV. SUNRISE by the way released today in Japan with 68 selected song from the arcade machine and you can buy in all the big stores in Japan for 6800 Yen + tax with bonus cards and bonus music DVD.