Capcom started a new limited tournament in the crossbeats REV. SUNRISE arcade game in Japan. The event and the tournament will be held until April 16, 2017 and during this period you can claim two new songs (Crocus and the La vie en Fleurs) for your collection with new avatars and name plates.

During the torunament if you can reach minimum the 500th position you can get even more songs and extra in-game items. During the torunament you have to play with the following songs:

「Human Nature」/Z pinkpong 「Flowerwall」/米津玄師
「GLOW」/Shoichiro Hirata feat. Ellie
「The Four Seasons -SPRING- (Remix Ver.)」
「復讐の炎は地獄のように我が心に燃え (Remix ver.)」
「Iroha」/Ryunosuke Kudo 「Black Lotus」/Maozon
「L’esprit」/Cosine 「Pinky Magic」/Junk
「Hervor」/INNOCENT NOIZE 「EMERALD♡KISS」/jun with Aimee
「Hi」/Go-qualia 「Crocus」/村瀬悠太 (スタンプ報酬曲)
「La vie en Fleurs」/VILA (スタンプ報酬曲)

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