Kadokawa Games announced the release of the first Nintendo 3DS RPG maker software the RPG Maker Fes. The program will be available from November 24, 2016 in Japan in download and package version for 5800 Yen + tax (package) and 5300 Yen + tax (download).

This program going to allows you to create your own dot style Nintendo 3DS RPG game and the best thing is that you can share your games for FREE for the Nintendo 3DS users from the Nintendo eShop!!!

The software going to be like the RPG Maker for PC you only need to use the touch pen and move the objects to the screen and create the world! You can create detailed enemies and characters not just with the name but with the HP, MP, hip point, defense point and more.

Kadokawa already opened the teaser website and published the first pictures! Stay tuned for more information!