Office Create going to starts on October 5 next official, Cooking Mama price cut campaign in Japan where you can grab 4 title until October 19, 2016 with a better price tag.
During the campaign you can get 4 games for 2980 Yen (with tax) and you can also get the Gekidou! Arbeiter KOJI! 3DS DL work with 50% OFF (for 250 Yen).

Just enter into the Japan Nintendo eShop, search the following games and you can download them for these prices. Available only in the JP Nintendo eShop and only on Nintendo 3DS!

  1. Cooking Mama: Watashi no Sweet Shop
  2. Cooking Mama 5
  3. Cooking Mama 4
  4. Gardening Mama: Mama to Mori no Nakama tachi
  5. Gekidou! Arbeiter KOJI!