Compile Heart released the new PVs of the Tokyo Clanpool! Check out the new pre-order gift illustrations


Compile Heart going to release the next RPG game of the company the Tokyo Clanpool on 5th of October 2017 on PlayStation Vita. This game will be a DRPG title and the stage set to the future Tokyo.

A strange tower appeared in the middle of the city connected to the sky with the Parliament House and the demons are overflowed into the citry and Japan is isolated from the outside world.

You will play with only girl characters in this game as cabinet ministers and your job will be to capture the Black Tower’s demons and rebuild the collapsed government and the country. Compile Heart now released the new promotion video of the game and the official opening movie and you can watch each of them in here.

Next to it in our gallery you can find the new pre-order gift illustrations from the selected stores:

  • Imagine / Imagine WEB: Lifesize poster
  • Ebten: B2 Poster
  • Sofmap: B2 Poster
  • Dengeki: B2 Poster
  • e-Trader: B2 Poster
  • WonderGOO: B2 Poster
  • Rakuten: Drawn Edy Card


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