In 2000 started the 6 episodes long FLCL animation which finished in 2001 in Japan.
The show was very popular not just in Japan but all around the world includes North America and by the way a new FLCL also on the way.

Gainax, Production I.G already released a Blu-ray version Box with all the 6 remastered episodes in the past but today they announced the cheaper version re-release.
The cheaper FLCL BD BOX will be available from November 23, 2016 with 2 DISC.

The first disc includes the 6 episodes (151 minutes long together) and a special video gift will be available on the 2nd disc which is an official FLCL MUSIC DVD: special, remastered music video includes the OP and the ED song videos!

This version going to release with English subtitle too and the price tag will be 8888 Yen (+ tax)