5pb and MAGES updated the official website of the Chaos;Child visual novel game and also did a Twitter message with a new spin-off title of the game! in 2017 Spring going to release the Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu! If the title is familiar to you, than you are right. 5pb and MAGES already did a Love Chu Chu spin-off with the Chaos;Head series!

Chaos;Child is a horror visual novel game which released first in Japan on Xbox One as one of the first horror visual novel game for the new Microsoft platform. Later in 2015 and 2016 the game re-released on PlayStation 4, 3, Vita and PC and a TV animation adaptation also on the way.

The details of the new Chu Chu edition such as the platform or the story not clear but 5pb going to release the details later (maybe on the Tokyo Game Show). Until that, stay tuned for more information!